Friday, 9 November 2007

Personal grooming

Getting up early to perfect your look before work is an evil yet incredibly necessary chore. Various men and women consulted confirmed that if they didn’t have to partake in any personal grooming whatsoever they could have at least an extra 30minutes in bed, sometimes even an hour*. In order to look the professional part people sacrifice sleep… maybe this is a poor reflection on the values of society today, but it is the way it goes.

However there is always an exception to the rule.

Now I can understand coming in the office with drying hair, or arriving early to re-apply makeup. Heavens in my office we even have a shower available for all. Likewise most people if they needed a ‘little touch up’ shall we say, would discreetly pop to these facilities.

Again there is an exception to that rule to.

Cutting to the chase, this week saw one of my colleagues take his electric shaver out of his bag and begin a quick ‘touch up’ (?) at his desk while in mid conversation with both my manager and a senior member of the department. The word surprise does not even come close to what the rest of us felt!. Carrying on with the conversation at the same time. Shows a sign of being comfortable in ones surroundings at least!

Now again, is it just me or….

And I thought I was random.

*Note men and women consulted through unofficial means, probably biased after the above incident.

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David said...

Come on dear, we've not had anything from you for far too long. I've given you a link over at mine, so give the people something to read!