Monday, 29 October 2007

And thus it begins...

I have found myself in the land of professionals. A city girl, a commuter, an office worker - complete with my own desk and extension number (business card production on standby). Anyone who vaguely knows me knows this is a recipe for mayhem, no maybe that is too tame, chaos possibly?

Every day is an amusing and eye opening experience for me. Observations and reflections on the highs and lows of human nature take up most of my day (or is that called day dreaming) and despite feeling like a fish out of water, tied (I hasten to add not literally) to a little cove of office space, I remain fascinated with this lifestyle.

I am probably as much a part of this 'ecosystem' as much as the next fellow, making it all the more interesting and in most cases just plain amusing.

Therefore, as suggested to a friend whilst recalling some of these observations I have decided to provide an account of some of the most random and peculiar observations I have and continue to make.

Welcome to 'Pieces of Professionalism' - designed to keep you informed as much as it is to keep me from being swallowed up by working '9-5' - to stay suitably random.


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